10 setembro 2010

- so, boy, have you returned safe from your trip..
- well, not so sure. not so sure.
- did you enjoy it, at least?
- yeah, it was great. pure beauty, that light.
- that's great.
- how did you find those cities you came across?
- two princesses, sevilha and granada. a small sister, córdoba. ancient, proud of their heritage and identity, warm and happy. but I didn't like toledo, that memory of a different, medieval, spain..
- not entirely a surprise, I must say..
- hein..? what do you mean?
- all the cities you've liked are named as women: sevilha, córdoba, granada. the one you did not enjoyed so much, well, guess its gender..
- what the hell. it seems you've made a point there.. what the hell. is that, am i, so bloody obvious?
- ..
- ..


Blogger JB said...

Tendo a discordar. Conheço Sevilha, não conheço Córdova, conheço Toledo, "para onde" desfrutei uma das vistas mais deslumbrantes, via parador, por duas vezes. A catedral é imponente e a cidade é bonita. Concedo que, quanto, a Sevilha, Toledo é filha de um deus ligeiramente menor. Menor mas imponente...
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