16 novembro 2009

para o al berto.
porque somos poucos a cantar.

i dream of electric dreams
i dream of electric daydreams
i dream of electric ladies
i sing the body electric.

just as some people grow gardens outside
each morning i wake up
and water my flowers gently.

i carry a garden inside myself
each flower grows from an electric seed
each seed has grown from a kind of pain.

some people wear flowers in their hair
just like in the song, decades ago.
i wear electric flowers,
a different kind of skin
i didn't ask anybody for.

each flower, each pain, each dream, each bone
a gigantic
in which i rest from the pains of the world
to better dive into
my own pains.

this garden where i feel secure,
as virginia once said.

i sing the world pain away
by mastering
my own.

a job? you ask.
a mission? you mock.

a flower.
each one grows the garden that suits him the most.