22 fevereiro 2008

doodle* literato & heresia literária

let's start a life (a home not a house)
to hell with small literature
we want something redblooded (that's for sure)
lousy with pure (a continuous chosen spouse)
reeking with stark (and right from the start)
and fearlessly obscene
but really clean
get what i mean (: amazingly human)
let's not spoil it (much better if we boil it)
let's make it serious (and wildly ridiculous - deliciously delicious)
you know something genuine like a mark (the impossible bright that comes from the dark)
in a toilet (will you keep this secret?)
graced with guts and gutted
with grace (put this word in the right place)
squeeze your nuts and open your face
your heart it's an engine - so is life -
turn it on).

[* A doodle is a type of sketch, an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. They are simple drawings which can have a meaning, a shape or just irregular forms.
Doodling is mainly made by young people around the world, notably students. This activity is normally made during long or boring classes as the students begin daydreaming or losing interest. They do it mainly on the notebook margins or in the back pages starting as random lines and sketches and then becoming more elaborated.
Doodling can also be made while talking by telephone for a long period of time if a pen and paper are available.
Popular kinds of doodles include cartoon versions of teachers or companions in a school, famous TV or comic characters, invented fictional beings, landscapes, textures, banners with legends, and animations made by drawing a scene sequence in various pages of a book or notebook.]

ontem, enquanto o professor divaga por entre ciclos textuais impressos e ciclos textuais digitais, com graça mas sem centelha, dei por mim próprio a reler esse magnífico poema do excelso e.e. cummings ('no thanks', assim se chama) que serve de mote-missão-watermark à editora cavalo de ferro.
em negrito, o poema original.
ao lado, entre parêntesis curvos, umas brincadeirinhas.

dialogar poeticamente com e.e. cummings.. só mesmo para uma alma irresponsável. uma heresia destas é capaz de dar processo judicial (ainda bem que quase ninguém me lê). de uma forma ou de outra, gostei do jogo. gostei à brava. acho que vou repetir. i will keep you posted of my doodlish (doodle + foolish) things..


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Não há mal nenhum em dialogar poeticamente. Depois de solto o poema, é para se comer. Às horas mais incertas!

sexta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2008 4:34:00 da tarde  

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