30 novembro 2006

amanhã, outra vez

Leaving Songs
by Stuart A. Staples

Stylus Magazine
Leaving Songs sounds a lot like a Tindersticks album, one that eschews their more baroque offerings for mature balladry.

All Music Guide
He emerges here as a more "traditional" kind of songwriter; the tunes are more conventional in structure, but like his spiritual mentor Leonard Cohen, Staples' lyrics are rooted firmly in the terrain of love, loss, regret, passage, dissolution, and absence.

Delusions of Adequacy
Its warmth, honesty and intuitive sensitivity capture Stuart Staples firmly back to the dizzy high-quality heights of his cherishable early-career with the Tindersticks.

Stately, thoughtful balladry.

If you loved Tindersticks then you will adore this.

It might have been captured anytime in the past four decades.

New Musical Express
It's heady stuff, that fans of Serge Gainsbourg, Nick Cave, Scott Walker and anyone else that's ever sung miserable songs in a rumpled suit will be at home with.

As a solo record, it's no declaration of independence, but by sticking to what he does best, Staples makes it ring with sadness and sophistication.

Not surprisingly, this record sounds very much like a Tindersticks album. Or, rather, it sounds like a well-chosen compilation of that band’s more restrained and subdued material.

Tiny Mix Tapes
It's a pleasure to be embraced by a record this pretty and soulful.